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Channel Pricing mechanism Posts Availability Price
@WhaleSniper Monthly 8 Unavailable -
@BinanceLiquidations Monthly 8 Unavailable -
@BitmexSniper Weekly 2 DM $500
@DefiSniper Weekly 2 DM $250
@BybitLiquidations Weekly 2 Unavailable $0
@WallMonitor Weekly 2 DM $300


1- We do not allow messages written in 1st person or messages that pretend to be from Xypher. For example: "We recommend this channel because...", "My friend is the best trader...", "We are happy with the results of...", etc.).

2- We do not allow clickbaity ads (for example: "first 10 people to join get VIP", "join fast now to get $10",  "link expires in 5mins, join fast". etc.)

3- Posts are guaranteed to be on top of the channel for at least one hour. In case a message comes in before the allotted time, we will repost it in the same/next day until the allotted time is filled

4- Prohibited content